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Dad's Awards

Dad's first award.
How proud he would have been.

Imagine how excited I was
when I went to read my guest book
and there it was. I keep
coming back to look at it.

January 2, 2000

My heart felt thanks to
Ooop's I mean "Phamous Philo"
A visit to his site is a must see you will love his sense of humor.


Guess what? Here's another award from Phamous Philo. Actually, I asked him if I might have this one, it was the one I really wanted because it suited my Dad's site to a tee, and graciously he gave it to me, then selfishly, I kept both.

Eagle Award

January 4, 2000

Not only that, he
gave me a friendship banner, as well.
Visit his site and
he will most likely give you one, too.

Friendship Banner

Below, another unsolicited award,
what an honor to receive
"The Eleni Award"
Thank you George

Eleni Award

January 19, 2000

The award below means more to me
than any I could receive.
It's from a very special person,
Beautiful Eagle, AKA "Lizzy" a grown up
gal of 10, going on 21.
Please, do yourself a favor, visit
Lizzy's Home Page.
You will come away in amazement,
trust me.

Lizzy's Spirit Award

February 12, 2000

This next award comes from Vicki,
a mother who is making a difference.
Pay her site a visit, you'll
be glad you did.

Mothers of Addicts Award

February 15, 2000

Dad's Pages are
the winner of Evil Kat's
Achievement Award.
It came in mail this morning.
I'm so proud to receive it
I'm hanging it even before
I have my coffee.
Thank you Katrina

Kat Award

February 17, 2000

I Am A Proud Member Of:

The Official Phenomenal Women Of The Web Seal

Phenomenal Women Of The Web

August 17, 2000

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