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Dad's Awards Page 4

I've been trying for an hour to set
up this new page of awards. I keep
returning to Laine's site, "Shoot for the Moon"
for many interesting and fun things to see and do.
Check out her "Links to You" thingy while you're there.
I did and found out who has links to my pages. :-)
Am I pleased to have received Laine's "Majestic Award"?
Flabberghasted is the word!!!

s Majestic Award

April 27, 2000

I hope you meant for me
to keep both awards Laine.
If not, Sorry, got em now. (GRIN)

Excellence Award

April 27, 2000

Here's a site that has a Webmistress
dedicated to preserving family history.
When I started this site I didn't
know how smart I was to
gather information about the family.
She thinks I am a genius.
Thank you Da Wanna

Tree Award

May 1, 2000

It's official, I've been adopted by Tucker
and am now an honorary cat.
When I applied for the, "Sweetest Kitty Award"
I didn't know it was to honor FELINE sites,
if I had I probably wouldn't have asked.
Sure am glad I did!
Uh Oh, there goes my genius status.
Thanks Cg for making me one of the family,
I promise not to scratch anything.

Tucker Award

May 7, 2000

I am in awe of this young
man from across the world.
Not only for his expertise
with a computer,
(his home page is excellent)
but also for his kindness to
one who is so many times his senior.
Needless to say, I am so lucky.
Thank you, Hayrettin
for this lovely gift of friendship.

Hayrettin Friendship Gif

May 14, 2000

Check out Stephen's educational site,
here's a teacher dedicated to his profession.
While you're there take a look at
"Facts about the U.S." and "Any Day In History,"
fun and interesting stuff.
Thank you Stephen,
WOW! I'm in good company now.

Winner of the Diamond Apple Award

May 21, 2000

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