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Dad's Awards Page 5

My Dad measured a man
by his word and how hard
he worked. He would have
had great respect for this man.Thank you "GlimerMann"


June 5, 2000

The next award comes from
When I say funny, I don't mean side splitting
hilarity, I'm speaking of the sort of humor that
accompanies a man with Charisma. Humor that is not
fabricated or forced but is a part of
who he is. A visit to, "Life in the Swamp"
will lift your spirits.
Thank you Pat for this coveted award!

SwampRat's award

August 27, 2000

I've arrived!!!
Lizzy's sweet Grandmother has
just sent me her beautiful
"Garden Award"
By visiting her site you will
understand where Lizzy gets
all her class!
Thank you Joan Marie

Joan's GardenAward

September. 20, 2000

This is a special day for the Slama family,
I thought no one could ever top September 24th
my birthday, well this topped it.
Today this arrived from a group of the most friendly
people on the internet! I'm so glad Joan introduced
me to "USA Drifters" If you want to tour the
the best country in the world and meet some of the best
people in the world you're just one click away.
Thank you Driters for this most coveted award!

USA Drifter Award

September. 28, 2000

Laine has presented me with her
"Friendship Award"
from "Shoot For The Moon"
All I did was vote for great site, don't need
an award for doing that, it is my pleasure!
Thank you Laine, I'll take it.

Lanine Friendship Award

October 20, 2000

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