Opal Bull

The stories that I'm going to tell you are in no particular order. Just the ramblings of an old lady. Right Joe? MY son tells me the only reason I am being nice to the grandchildren, is because I'm getting old and trying to get into heaven. That got a chuckle out of me.

One story that comes to mind is, Mom and I bought Dad a ring for his birthday. His hands were large, they weren't so very long, but wide and his fingers were thick, like peasant hands, big from hard work. When he went to the jeweler to have the ring sized, the jeweler didn't have a gauge big enough, the largest gauge was a "14". The jeweler estimated the ring to be a size "17". As big as they were, he could do the most intricate work.

Mom told this story about Dad. Dad grew asparagus, to supplement their income. Asparagus is a rapidly growing plant that needs to be picked twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon to assure nice tender spears. He had no difficulty selling the asparagus to local grocers because of the quality. Very young and tender. He loved to play poker and when he did, he would have a few drinks. This day Dad went to play poker didn't arrive home until after dark, three sheets to the wind. On his arrival he discovered Mom hadn't cut the asparagus, (she was pregnant with her first child, and was provoked at Dad for his actions) so out he went with the lantern, cutting and staggering. Probably, a little swearing too.

I mentioned earlier that Dad like to fish. He liked to eat it too, but the only way he would eat fish is fried. The reason being, that on the trip over to this country, they were served mainly fish soup. He tried several times to eat broiled, poached and even fish chowder, but could never manage to swallow it.

When there was enough room, Dad and Mom always planted a garden. One time a neighbor told them that us kids were in the garden eating all the vegetables. (You just haven't lived until you take a salt shaker to the garden.) Mom said, "that's why we planted it." The neighbors children, in the summer time all went to the Preventorium. A place to build up under weight children to prepare them for the winter months. Needless to say, we never qualified.

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