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Opal Bar Grapic
Events From 1907-1977

Opal Pendant

Here's a list of some of the
events and inventions that
happened in my dad's life time.

~ Presidents ~

  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • William Taft
  • Woodrow Wilson
  • Waren Harding
  • Calvin Coolidge
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Dwight Eisenhower
  • John Kennedy
  • Lyndon Johnson
  • Richard Nixon
  • Gerald Ford

~ Wars ~

  • World War I
  • World War II
  • Korean War
  • Viet Nam War

~ Inventions ~

  • 1908--cellophane ,electric razor,paper cup, silencer for guns, skin test for TB

  • 1909--cigarette lighter, IUD

  • 1910--chemotherapy, electric washing machine, iodine as disinfectant

  • 1911--gastroscope, superconductivity

  • 1912-- activated sludge (sewage-treatment process),cabin biplane, electric heating pad

  • 1913--artificial kidney, brassiere, crossword puzzle,diptheria vaccine, Geiger counter, mammography, modern assembly line

  • 1914--Teletype, 35mm camera, traffic light, zipper

  • 1915--heat-resistant glass, radiotelephone, sonar, tank

  • 1916--general theory of relativity, windshield wipers

  • 1917--mustard gas,

  • 1918--electric food mixer

  • 1919--Enigma encoding machine, shortwave radio, tryparsamide (cure for sleeping sickness)

  • 1920--Band-Aid, submachine gun, tea bag

  • 1921--cultured pearl, lie detector, microsurgery

  • 1922--Muzak, self-winding watch

  • 1923--bulldozer, TB vaccine, whooping-cough vaccine

  • 1924--frozen food, gas chamber, portable radio, spiral-bound notebook

  • 1925--commercial fax service, quantum mechanics

  • 1926--liquid-fuel rocket, pop-up toaster, talking movies

  • 1927-- all-electric jukebox, antifreeze, buna (artificial rubber), iron lung, tape recorder

  • 1928--black-and-white television, bubble gum, Pap test, penicillin, quartz clock, robot

  • 1929--electroencephalogram, hydroponics

  • 1930--cyclotron, diesel engine for autos, discovery of Pluto, hygienic tampon, jet engine, Scotch tape, sliced bread, supermarket, typhus vaccine

  • 1931--electric guitar, FM radio, Freon, stereophonic recording,

  • 1932--car radio, color cartoon film, defibrillator, Prontosil, first sulfa drug

  • 1933--electron microscope, Monopoly

  • 1934--drive-in theater, radar

  • 1935--beer can, cortisone, heart-lung machine, Kodachrome film, mass-market paperback book, VHF electronic television

  • 1936--helicopter, sodium penthothal

  • 1937--antihistamine, binary circuit, nylon, radiotelescope, xerography, yellow-fever vaccine,

  • 1938--artificial hip, ballpoint pen, first working computer to use binary code, flourescent lighting, instant coffee

  • 1939--automatic clutch, bra-cup sizing, DDT, electric carving knife

  • 1940-- color television, Dacron, freeze-drying of food

  • 1941--aerosol can, cardiac catheter,television advertising

  • 1942--bazooka, nuclear reactor

  • 1943--all-electronic calculating device, kidney-dialysis machine, LSD, scuba-diving gear

  • 1944--Aureomycin, V-1, V-2 rockets

  • 1945--atomic bomb, 2, 4-D, first modern herbicide, microwave oven, Tupperware

  • 1946--bikini, disposable diaper, ENIAC computer, mobile phone

  • 1947--transistor

  • 1948--cable television, Scrabble

  • 1949--super music amplifier

  • 1950--credit card, embryo transplated in cow

  • 1951--power steering, Super Glue

  • 1952--amniocentesis, Mr. Potato Head, Salk's polio vaccine, sex-change operation, telephone-answering machine, thermonuclear blast, 3-D film

  • 1953--DNA, kidney transplant, radial tire

  • 1954--nonstick pan,oral contraceptive, silicon, photovoltaic cell, TV dinner, Thorazine, vertical-takeoff plane

  • 1955--field ion microscope, Hovercraft, Lego, optic fiber, synthetic diamond, tetracycline, Tylenol

  • 1956--computer hard disk, DNA, biosynthesis, human-growth hormone

  • 1957--Fortran, high-speed dental drill, ICBM, live polio vaccine, Sputnik

  • 1958--external pacemaker, Hula Hoop, integrated circuit modem, ultrasound examination of fetuses

  • 1959-- electrocardiograph, internal pacemaker

  • 1960--breast implant, fiber-tip pen, halogen lamp

  • 1961--discovery of acid rain, nondairy creamer, Valium

  • 1962--audiocassette, laser eye surgery

  • 1963--instant color film, liver transplant, lung transplant, measles vaccine navigation satellite,videodisc

  • 1964--acrylic paint, permanent-press fabric, touch-tone phone

  • 1965--Astroturf, BASIC, Dolby sound lab opens, hologram, Kevlar, miniskirt, NutraSweet, portable video recorder, soft contact lenses, virtual reality

  • 1966--fuel injection for autos, rubella vaccine,

  • 1967--coronary bypass, handheld calculator, heart transplant, L-dopa (Parkinson's drug)

  • 1968--computer mouse, computer with integrated circuits

  • 1969--Arpanet, artificial heart, ATM, bar-code scanner, ibuprofen, in vitro fertilization, lunar landing, Unix (computer operating system)

  • 1970--daisy-wheel printer, floppy disk

  • 1971--dot-matrix printer, food processor, liquid-crystal display, space station

  • 1972--compact disc, Landsat, Pong, word processor

  • 1973--gene splicing

  • 1974--Post-it note

  • 1975--Ethernet, laser printer, personal computer, push-through tab on drink can

  • 1976--ink-jet printer, VHS system for video recording

  • 1977--Apple II, fiber-optic communication, linked ATM, magnetic resonance imaging, neutron bomb

The most amazing event of all

"Space Travel"
Landing a man on the moon

Moon Picture


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