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Fractal Image

Fractal created by: Linda Allison

The web sites you see here are going to amaze you. They are so beautiful you will come back again and again. One of the sites is titled, "EYE CANDY," and that's just what these sites are. In fact they are so unique that I'm devoting this page to them. For those of you that don't know what fractals are, they are computer art, based on MANDLEBROT'S mathematical theory. Please read the copyright info on each page.

Gold ButtonBruce Dawsons Fractal Extreme

Gold ButtonAlice Kellys Cheshire Cat

Gold ButtonMichael Peters Fractals in Motion

Gold ButtonLinda Allison Gallery

Gold ButtonFractint Contest 1998

Gold ButtonFractint Contest 1999

Gold ButtonFractint Gallery

Gold ButtonWizzle's Fractals


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