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"Grand Opening"

Hi, my name is Carol.
I'm a retired grandmother
with a lot of time to fill.
I have three grown children and
six grandchildren. Two of them are all grown
up, they live here in Florida,
the four younger grandchidren
live in North Carolina, two in Greensboro
and two in Rocky Mount.
My dream is for all of us
to live with-in a couple of hours
of each other. Alas, that's not in
the cards. Sooo, I fill my day
with Webtv.


Sold the house and I'm moving to N.C.

I have a web site dedicated
to gathering information about
The Slama Family, for the
future generations, that is almost
complete. Now what do I do with
my spare time? Yep, you guessed
it, start another site.

I've collected a bunch of items
that perhaps will be useful
to you if you are interested
in framing pictures, making awards
or just using on your pages.
All the merchandise you see
is used, but in good condition.
I have tried not to gather
items you see in these rooms that
have been copyrighted. If by chance
you see something that does
not belong here, please let me
know and I will remove it promptly.

I hope you find something useful.

Browse around and if you find
something you like, go ahead
and take it off the wall.
Just leave the e-check on the counter
and don't forget to
fill out the form so the
item can be sent to your house.

If you don't find anything you can
use here, please visit
Bobbie's Web Site,
she has tons of gifs for you.

Bobbie's Banner

Bobbie and Janet,
have a web site that
will fill every need.
They make awards and banners
for you free.

B & J's Banner

Please Scroll down this page to apply
for my humble awards.


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