Want to apply for one of my awards? First of all, the site you submit must have an English translation.

Do you have a web site that you have put hard work and a lot of love into? Is your site racist free? Is it free of pornography? Is it free of suggestive or vulgar material? Would you want you Mother and children to read your site? If your site meets all of the above, I will be happy to look at your site and consider you for the:-->

"This Site Sparkles Award."


Or maybe you would like the

"Emil Slama Liberty Award"

To celebrate you or your ancestors freedom?


How about an award of "Excellence"

Award of Excellence

Or the "HTML Leadership Award"

Leadership Award

A new design for "Content Excellence".

Content Excellence Award

The"Artistic Design" award is a
very prestigous award to win.

c Award

The "First Knight Award"
is for fantasy sites
on the web.

First Knight Award

The "Angel of the Web" for helpful web sites.


Does your site cause viewers to
chuckle? If so, you deserve a "Humor Certificate"


My friend "Lizzy" inspired "The Loving Grandmother Award"

Loving Grandmother Award

Here's an award for "Native American"
web pages of excellent content.
We should all learn more about these brave people.

Native American Award

This is the only award
that you can't apply for.
I save this one for
my own personal favorites.

Carol's Choice Award

Please don't feel shy, ask for the award
you probably deserve one
and the reason you don't have one,
is because I don't know where
to look. As a rule
I don't give them out
randomly, unless I happen upon
a site that captures my attention
and admiraton. My thinking is
if you really, really want
one of my awards that
means you will give it a
good home.

E-mail me with the address
of your web site, I'll review
your site and if you qualify,
the award is yours.

I don't require you to sign
the guest book but...It wouldn't hurt.